Why Do We Celebrate Milad un Nabi PBUH?

Why Do We Celebrate Milad un Nabi PBUH?. There is an inquiry in every individual's mind that is observing Mawlid permitted in Islam? Furthermore, the second inquiry is would it be a good idea for us to observe Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi? In this article, we will examine that Why do we observe Milad un Nabi. Some Ulma says that we ought to observe Milad and some say we ought not praise this day.

For what reason do we observe Milad un Nabi? 

Why Do We Celebrate Milad un Nabi PBUH?

Why we celebrate eid milad 

Allah Almighty gives us numerous open doors for joy, and we appreciate each open door in an assortment of ways.

For instance, the joy of the infant's introduction to the world, joy to get opportunity. Some delights spread in the entire nation.

In any case, there was a delight on the earth that was extraordinary for all.

Every one of the animals praised this satisfaction. In Islamic history all people and heavenly attendants never got such satisfaction, nor will they get later.

Anyway, what joy, it very well may be?? 

That satisfaction was the entry of The Prophet which we likewise call Eid Milad un-Nabi.

How about we see why we observe Eid Milad. 

At whatever point the long stretch of The Prophet's birthday comes, the heart nature of a genuine Muslim is that their heart ends up restless to praise bliss and it appears that all universe joy is little for him. What's more, the delight of Eid MiladunNabi is a genuine joy.

Truth be told, Muslims thinks on Eid Milad day that all the satisfaction of the universe has come to him.

What might more open door be to make this more joyful than that? 

He doesn't envision any joy in the universe past this bliss.

The unbelievers additionally advantage from commending the Miladun Nabi 

Hazrat Arwah says, 

Sobia was the captive of Abu Lahab. The one whom he had discharged in the delight of The Prophet's landing. He additionally offered drain to the Prophet. After the demise of Abu Lahab, Hazrat Abbas saw him in horrendous condition in his fantasy and ask him what will transpire after death? Abu Lahab said that separated from the general population, he didn't get help with the exception of this I was excused on the grounds that I discharged Sobia in the joy of going to the Prophet. 

Hafiz Shams Ud Deen says that the fall of Abu Lahab diminishes on Monday since he discharged Sobia in the delight of Eid Milad. 

Ibn-e-Jazri says, 

Because of the festival of the Miladun Nabi, the state of a skeptic like Abu Lahab that his discipline diminishes.

So what will happen to Muslims? Who spends more than his capacity because of the affection for the Prophet in the delight of the Eid Milad.
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